Billboard | Kirkwood HWY | Wilmington DE | Custom Pro Painting

First billboard to feature a painting contractor in northern Delaware!

October 2015

That is, at least in my 30+ years as an interior and exterior painting contractor in Delaware. Custom Pro Painting’s logo displayed was recreated in the summer of this year and before you know it, it is up on display!

I teamed up with Mosquito Wrangler to share cost. Please visit PAINTDE.COM to learn a little about my company.


Billboard | Kirkwood HWY | Wilmington DE | Custom Pro Painting
heading north on Kirkwood Highway just prior to Duncan Road

Billboard | Kirkwood HWY | Wilmington DE | Custom Pro Painting

Serving Hockessin | Wilmington | Brandywine| Newark | Bear | New Castle and the entire New Castle county in Delaware. Our extended boundaries are| PhiladelphiaPa| Chester County Pa| Cecil County Maryland

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Hatbanding, what is it?| Custom Pro Painting

What is “hatbanding” and how can you avoid it?

Hatbanding, or also known as “picture framing”, is more common with usage of certain paints than others.

Hatbanding is where the top portion of the wall after painted ( the cut-in portion) appears usually lighter than the rest of the wall and makes an appearance of a band going around the top of your walls.

My experience with using various kinds of paints, Benjamin Moore is the most notorious paint for that to happen. This is not to say that Benjamin Moore has a problem with their paints. It’s that you have to know how to use them. In fact, I love Benjamin Moore Paints. It is a very high quality paint.

That being said, there are 3 main reasons that may cause hatbanding:

1) Certain paints with their various sheens could produce it.

2) Paint may not be mixed thoroughly. It is a good idea to mix regularly any medium to dark tinted paint as you continue painting.

3) The texture of the brush versus the texture of the roller may play a part in how the refraction of light bounces off these two textures. The key is to roll as tightly as possible preferably before the cut in process dries. Wet on wet!

Custom Pro Painting of Newark Delaware has implemented a sure fire way to avoid hatbanding and to guarantee smooth even finishes when it comes to interior painting.

We service the tri state region from Delaware including the areas of North Wilmington, Wilmington, Newark, Pike Creek, Bear, Brandywine, and the state of Pa including Delaware County and Chester County as well as Cecil County Md.

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