Interior Painting Brandywine Delaware 19802 | Custom Pro Painting

Interior Painting Brandywine Delaware 19802 | Custom Pro Painting


This was an interior painting job we did in Brandywine Delaware 19802. You won’t believe how bad this was from the start! The whole bathroom was peeling because of poor workmanship of previous painters who did nor seal and prime correctly and a little moisture from shower taking just made everything peel and blister. Ceiling and walls came out flawless with perfect even sheen.  Please visit us at

(302) 633-1458


Before custom pro painting

peeling ceiling, brandywine delaware


Interior Painting Delaware 19802
Interior Painting serving Hockessin, Pike Creek, Newark, Brandywine, Wilmington, North Wilmington, Cecil County Md, Chester County Pa, Delaware County Pa
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Locally owned in New Castle County, Delaware since 1989, we offer superior quality and professionalism at every stage of the project. We strive to exceed your expectations. When it comes to making your house a home, Custom Pro Painting adheres to a high standard that sets us apart from most in the industry. While many of our competitors shy away from picky customers, we welcome them, no rather, we WANT them because they make great references! We know how to please.

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